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Jimbo Laboon and family

After 30 plus years of alumni leadership, serving as Chapter Advisor and currently as House Corporation Treasurer, Jimbo LaBoon, III was honored for his tireless service to Georgia Beta through the installation of a bronze plaque in the Dining Room. In 1981, freshman Jimbo heeded his father's advice: "you can pledge anywhere you like, but if you want your bill paid for, you'll pledge SAE.” Jimbo's contributions to our Chapter have had no limits. Jimbo refers to his work with Georgia Beta as “a labor of love.” The hardest part of this surprise was that Jimbo is the treasurer; therefore, we had to negotiate with the plaque manufacturer to let us pay late, as we could not ask Jimbo for a check! After they heard the story, they were all in. On hand to help with the surprise was his wife Denise, daughters Caroline and Emily, as well as his mom and dad, Glenda and Jimbo (GA Beta '58).

Check out this GREAT TRIBUTE to our beloved SAE alum and wonderful cartoonist Jack Davis

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    * * * UPDATED JULY 2015 * * *

  • A CELEBRATION - 150 YEARS OF GEORGIA BETA Come join us the weekend of November 13 as we celebrate Georgia Beta's 150th anniversary. This will be a special gathering that you don't want to miss! Click HERE for more information and to register.

  • NEW SAE BOOK SCHOLARSHIP - Spearheaded by the current brothers, the Minerva Club, and through the generosity of parents and alumni, the Georgia Beta Chapter has created and endowed the SAE Book Scholarship. Beginning this fall and annually thereafter, UGA will award a book scholarship(s) from the SAE fraternity. Many thanks to all who have contributed. With this effort, we are demonstrating SAE's continued leadership on the Georgia campus and in the communities in which we live and work. Please consider giving something each year to the SAE Book Scholarship. Future donations may be made payable to the UGA Foundation (“SAE Book Scholarship” should be written in the memo line), to the following address:

    UGA Foundation
    394 South Milledge Ave
    Suite 100
    Athens, GA 30602

    Donations of any amount are appreciated; no amount is too small.

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